I am an HPC Storage R&D staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. My areas of focus are system software development for Lustre distributed parallel filesystem, novel data durability schemes, and I/O performance evaluation for HPC storage. I also conduct research on emerging Edge computing ecosystems emphasizing on their distributed system architecture and Edge storage aspects.


2022-09 Happy to be invited as a Technical Program Committee member for EAI Edge-IoT 2022
2022-09 Happy to serve in the Program Committee for SuperCheck-SC22
2022-09 Lightning talk accepted in Women in HPC workshop at SC 2022 WHPC
2022-05 Published OLCF’s Alpine disk failure dataset in osti.gov DOI
2022-05 Presented talk on Lustre Internals in LUG 2022 LUG 2022
2022-05 Co-authored the talk on Lustre policy engine in LUG 2022 LUG 2022
2022-05 Co-authored the talk on Lustre ‘lfs find’ in LUG 2022 LUG 2022
2022-05 Presented tutorial on Lustre MGC and Obdclass subsystems in LUG 2022 [LUG 2022]
2022-05 Accepted poster on Lustre Policy Engine in ORNL Software and Data Expo 2022 OSDX 2022
2022-04 Three talks accepted in Lustre User Group Conference 2022 LUG 2022
2022-04 Lustre User Group Conference 2022 presence LUG 2022
2021-09 Published Lustre Documentaion Tech Report Second Edition Understanding Lustre Internals Second Edition
2021-08 OLCF’S Advanced Technology Section hosts seminar series ATS SEMINAR SERIES

Recent Publications

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  1. IEEE’21 George, A. Ravindran, M. Mendieta and H. Tabkhi, “Mez: An Adaptive Messaging System for Latency-Sensitive Multi-Camera Machine Vision at the IoT Edge,” in IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 21457-21473, 2021.
  2. EAI’20 George A., Ravindran A. (2021) Scalable Approximate Computing Techniques for Latency and Bandwidth Constrained IoT Edge. SmartCity360° 2020. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, vol 372. Springer, Cham.
  3. EDGE’19 George A., Ravindran A. (2019) Latency Control for Distributed Machine Vision at the Edge Through Approximate Computing. EDGE 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11520. Springer, Cham.