HPC Storage R&D staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

  1. Understanding Lustre File System Internals: A technical documentation of fundamental subsystems in Lustre written for Lustre developers.
  2. Lustre lfs find: Improving and enhancing Lustre file system search utility
  3. QuickSilver: A distributed policy driven data management solution for multi-tier large scale storage systems
  4. Storage research: Evaluation of storage performance, novel data durability schemes, failure trends
  5. Scientific Edge: Performance boosting of Edge ecosystem components and I/O analysis

Research Assistant, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

  1. Developed a distributed messaging framework (in Golang) for computer vision applications at the Edge that achieved 10.1x end-to-end latency improvement over the state of the art messaging systems.
  2. Developed a low latency in-memory distributed storage (in Golang) uniquely tailored for computer vision applications deployed on resource constraint IoT embedded nodes.
  3. Designed a WiFi latency controller (in Python) for an IoT video surveillance system deployed at the Edge that can deliver real time video frames to latency-sensitive object/event detection applications within a settling time less than 1.5 second.
  4. Built an Edge test bed for latency measurement (less than 15 microsecond accuracy)
  5. Identified optimal keyframe selection policy for Edge video workloads that achieved 63.1% more efficiency
  6. Determined the best scalable Edge computing infrastructure (with 64 nodes) for real-time video analytics using NS3 simulation framework (in C++)
  7. Identified 630 unique image modifications in OpenCV that result up to 90% more object detection accuracy

Software Engineer, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, India

  1. Developed engine management Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software for 3- and 4-cylinder Gasoline projects for OEMs Renault and Nissan, targeted for both European and Indian auto markets.
  2. Configured different software interface modules such as CAN and LIN for vehicular bus communication, EEPROM for driving cycle data storage and OS tasks scheduler, in line with specific software architecture between Bosch and customer software.
  3. Performed vehicle diagnostics using the ISO certified KWP and UDS communication protocols.
  4. Handled the software delivery process from requirement analysis to dispatch of verified code to customer, main integration of the program version and software documentation.
  5. Modular and overall software functionality testing for customer delivery software using UDE and INCA Tools on open loop and closed loop HiL set-up.
  6. Validated software re-programmability, security and resource consumption of series delivery software.